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Hi. I'm Drew Grubb.

And this is Runtime Development, the home of my software development, learning and tinkering.

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I'm always trying to learn and experience something new. Here are a couple of my passions.


After experiencing the HoloLens for the first time, I knew I had to buy one. I truly believe AR is the next major direction change in computing. Making a living with this incredible, exciting and revolutionary technology is my dream.


I am a strong believer in automation and love the benefit it brings to my development work. From testing, to build servers, to configuration management, to my deployment processes, automation handles them all.


DevOps is a critical methodology for delivering higher quality software faster. I work with others to help adopt DevOps practices, promote shift left thinkng, and empowering them to better deploy and manage their applications.

Here are some of my latest endeavors.

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Brianneagram word game


A word puzzle game I made for my wife for her birthday.

Microsoft Certifications

Party Time

All work and no play makes Drew a dull boy.

Drew wearing a HoloLens


The magic of Mixed Reality is at my fingertips.

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